Let yourself be enchanted by our region.

Explore Alpe Cimbra

Folgaria and Environs

Alpe Cimbra is an ideal training ground for outdoor sports lovers. But what immediately catches the eye is the scenic beauty that pleasantly contrasts with the traditional images of the Trentino mountains: sweeping vistas and boundless horizons surrounded by forests, meadows, clear streams and the alpine lake of Lavarone.

Alpe Cimbra offers an enchanting backdrop and activities that are exciting for the whole family all year round.

However, Folgaria offers not only sports, but also cultural experiences. The traces of the First World War are still visible and during excursions it is possible to visit forts, trenches and tunnels from that period. Our farms and shelters also offer a wide range of food and wine.

Testimonies of the war

You can visit the traces of the First World War at Fort Sommo Alto, at Fort Cherle, at Fort Belvedere, at the Base Tuono Museum¬†at Passo Coe or on the “Giants of the Forest” trail.

Trekking and nature trails

Explore the mountains on nature trails of varying intensity, including Becco Filadonna, Cima Vezzena, Monte Finonchio, Monte Maggio and Monte Cornetto, each with its refuges offering breathtaking views. Or take a leisurely walk and visit the alpine botanical garden, the Rio Cavallo valley or the Echen biotope.

For the little ones

Our youngest guests will also be delighted by the area, as there are trails created especially for them, such as the Vaia Dragon, the Wolf Gorge, the Water Trail, the Tree Breath Trail, the Imagination Trail, the Torrente Centa River Park and various playgrounds. Apt also offers various proposals for their entertainment, such as the great parade of the witch Brava Part.

Alternative routes

If you are not interested in sports activities, you can visit Lake Lavarone or the picturesque town of Folgaria. The region also offers a diverse cultural scene, including Guardia (the village of paintings), the Ethnographic Museum in Maso Spilzi, the Documentation Center in Luserna, the Base Tuono Museum at Passo Coe, Serrada (Serrada Futurista, in honor of the painter Fortunato Depero), the sawmill in Tezzeli, the Cuel mill in Cueli and the Honey Museum in Tobia/Lavarone.
In addition, you can experience a wide range of culinary and wine delights in the various refuges and alpine huts of Alpe Cimbra.